I love technology and my favourite thing is helping people to use technology (and the best tech there is – their brain and their intuition) to discover new ways of doing things and new ways of achieving their goals! I remember as a child; my uncle, father and two brothers were all sitting in the room as they were switching on a new, colour screen computer for the first time! As I entered the room, I was told that this was ‘not for me’ as I am a girl (in a nutshell); so I left. This kind of makes me giggle now when my dad asks me a computer-related question now, but it gives you an idea of what it is like to be a ‘girl’ in this industry.

I am organised and logical, I have a creative heart and a passion for helping people. Let’s change your life, let’s change your business! Email me, today – denise@deniseloris.com.