Over 17 Years Experience

Denise started Denise Loris Marketing in March 2018. She is a web designer, marketing executive & family blogger. She started her journey in web design many years ago, first by learning HTML and CSS, after completing her National Diploma in Business Management. She loved learning and implementing code and seeing it work! After working for a web design company and starting her own family, she decided to start working for herself. First, she freelanced for a few years and then, in March 2018, Denise Loris Marketing was born. Since then, she has studied further, and continue to add to her list of skills, both formally and informally. She loves using her skills in web design and online strategy to help people stand out and reach their business goals.

Our Lovely Receptionists

The wonderful receptionists at our office, Venture Workspace, take our calls when no-one is available and receive all our deliveries. We are so grateful for the work that they do. Please leave a message with them if we are not available and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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