Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram down

The three apps – which are all owned by Facebook, and run on shared infrastructure – stopped working shortly before 5pm. Other related products, such as Facebook Messenger and Workplace, have also stopped working.


This reminds me of this post I shared a while back. . .https://deniseloris.com/facebook-closing-today/

Think about where you would be tomorrow if, for example, Facebook closed. Would you have your current customers details? Would your customers know how to contact you? Would you have unrecorded orders lost in the webs of internet space?


Twitter just tweeted “hello literally everyone”. I’m sure their traffic just had a serious spike. Facebook just updated everyone on Twitter https://twitter.com/Facebook/status/1445061804636479493.

I’m sure by the morning it will all be sorted, but it’s always a good reminder to assess where you are at.

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