The End of the World – Get Responsive

Sometimes, I feel like the guy standing in town centre telling everyone that it is going to be the end of the world and being laughed at or getting those “yeah, yeahs”.


Well because it is the end of a world – the online world that once only desktop computers accessed. Now, billions on web users are accessing the web via mobile and hand held devices. Billions!

If your website is not responsive or if people cannot access certain content from these devices you are missing out an important step in the conversion process – and yes, this is also the end of the world!

Some business owners in South Africa are also under the impression that only the lower end market are accessing the internet from mobile devices and this is simply not true. Think of your own search/browsing/internet habits (or, if you are a little older, that of your grown child). You are missing out on quite a huge percentage of your target market!

Get Responsive and User-friendly or miss out on growing your business!

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